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Looktrend is a marketplace dedicated for fashion where people from around the world meet.Online and offline, they sell, purchase, share and manufacture ever more original fashion clothing and accessories.

Looktrend is a fashion community.This is the entry point for young and major designers who, through our website, make known their creations and can offer them for sale.This is a customized marketplace for fashion addicts who want to learn of daily new trends, create their own Looks and share them.This is a merchant website for all those who whish to buy clothes that fit them.Looktrend gather every actors of fashion, brands, young designers, bloggers, etc. It's a place they could not find anywhere else.

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A handmade beginning

LookTrend was born in September 2015 in an office located in the middle of beautiful mountains in France. The website aims to be a virtual community where fashion lovers can discover products relevant to their lifestyle. To gather brands, young designers, fashion bloggers and buyers is the challenge that we launched with LookTrend. It is guided by a hand-made spirit that the founders Damien Tinel, Clément Chamard and Fabien Bauculat designed the first website, writing the code, assembled servers and pulled cables to start LookTrend on the Web. Reinventing the fashion trade is the main objective of the firm, transforming every aspect of the production, from sale to purchase, satisfy the consumers so that the experience becomes unforgettable. The concept is meant to be international, transcending all boundaries, allowing everyone to find its place, offering ever more innovative products. Translated into several languages, LookTrend is a global company, chich wishes to permanently change the purchasing behaviour in the world of fashion.

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