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Looktrend is accessible from any platform, allowing you to stay in touch with your followers anywhere, at any anytime

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Allow your brand to be seen and to be well-prepared for selling while still keeping control of your brand.

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You will have unlimited access to all the statistics that will be generated for you on Looktrend. You'll even get to see the Looks that were created with your products. Enough to engage great stories with your fans...

Community's feedbacks in real time

What better than to initiate the relationship with your customers to better understand their viewpoints on your products? Looktrend differs in this from other marketplaces. You're always in control of your customer's relationships.

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You can sell on Looktrend everything related to fashion. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us! We answer quickly to any request.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions about selling on Looktrend

How can I refer my brand on Looktrend?

There are two account type on Looktrend, Member and Brand. To create your Brand account, you just have to click on the button "Open my shop on Looktrend" featured on this page. Fill your brand name and follow the instructions. That's all !

How much will it cost me?

It will cost you nothing to create your account and reference your products. Since Looktrend is still in development, it is still not possible to sell directly on Looktrend. But we do not take any fees for referencing your products or on clicks they generate.

How do I integrate my products on Looktrend ?

Once you've created your brand account, you will have access to anything to post your products and-or create Looks with them.

How does it work ?

Looktrend is a fashion social marketplace, an intelligent mix between a marketplace and a social network. While most marketplaces only allow you to publish your catalog, Looktrend allows you to join a powerful social shopping ecosystem that enhance your customer's relationship and your sales

How does my brand will be visible ?

Looktrend is all about fashion discovery. We present the new upcoming brands to the largest number of people. Create Looks is an asset to your virality that we urge you to use.

Any other question ? Feel free to contact us.

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